• "The staff and doctors at Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists are amazing. From the front desk office to the warm and welcoming individuals - very professional, and to the doctors being thorough and listening to my needs and targeting my concerns."
    - Claudia C. {Leander, TX}
  • "My feet were in a lot of pain, but my foot pain is gone now! Dr. Dao has helped me, and my feet feel great!!"
    - Emma B. {Leander, TX}
  • "My wife and I both saw Dr. Hochman for foot pain. He has outstanding service and worked with our insurance company. Best of all, we were able to be seen on time instead of waiting for 30 minutes or more like most other doctors we’ve been to!"
    - Wayne B. {Leander, TX}
  • "Dr. Dao helped me feel much better! Best doctor's care!"
    - Elias G. {Leander, TX}
  • "I saw Dr. Hochman for a particularly pesky cluster of plantar warts. He and his staff were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They helped me with a treatment plan that was effective and also conscientious of not restricting my ability to live an active lifestyle."
    - Jake B. {Leander, TX}
  • "Super friendly front desk staff!"
    - Rachel B. {Austin, TX}
  • "I am very pleased with the care and advice I have received from Dr. Dao here at Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists! I'm going home with very happy feet!"
    - Renate R. {Leander, TX}
  • "Excellent service by Dr. Hochman. I had two seriously big plantar warts on the bottom of both feet. It took several visits to get them fully removed, but it was a great experience. They were always will to work around my schedule and rescheduling appointments as needed. They even worked with my insurance to pay to get custom inserts made to help with foot pain."
    - John R. {Leander, TX}
  • "Very clean, convenient, and took care of my problem with minimal wait. Highly recommend!"
    - Jamie F. {Cedar Park, TX}
  • "The personnel was great, and the service was excellent. We were thankful that the patient's problem was resolved favorably. We will certainly recommend Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists to all our family and friends!"
    - Gerardo M. {Pflugerville, TX}
  • "These doctors are wonderful. They treated me for a broken foot. Both doctors are professional and caring. I recommend them to anyone."
    - Judy B. {Cedar Park, TX}
  • "Highly recommended. Dr. Hochman took the time to explain diagnosis, treatment options, and expectations. Office is beautiful, great location, and polite staff."
    - Maria J. {Leander, TX}
  • "I’m 100% satisfied with my experience and will definitely return if needed."
    - Cynthia B. {Leander, TX}
  • "Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists have open hours filled with friendly and efficient staff. Overall, they have amazing quality care in a wonderful office for all their patients."
    -Savannah M. {Liberty Hill, TX}
  • "It's remarkable how quickly they have been able to turn my life around in just three weeks and get back to doing the things I used to enjoy doing. They are very knowledgeable, explaining the mechanics behind the treatment and what is going on inside the foot. The Crystal Falls Podiatry team is
    very professional and show genuine care for their patients and their health. I highly recommend for anyone that has dealt with foot problems and haven't found relief in treatments thus far."
    Dakota P. {Austin, TX}
  • "I am over 60 and have been experiencing pain on my feet and ankle. I
    visited Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists in Leander. Dr. Dao is a
    very personable doctor, and she recommended orthotics. She explained what my issue was and made
    recommendations. For the first time in months, I got out of bed this morning, stepped down, and there was no pain."
    Minerva A. {Leander, TX}
  • "Dr. Dao was the best. Her bedside manner was terrific. I had an ingrown toenail which really hurt, and she saved me from being scared. I highly recommend her!"
    Shirley F. {Leander, TX}
  • "Life changing. I have had plantar fasciitis pain for the last 15 months, and have gone to three various doctors/podiatrists to try to get treated. After seemingly endless treatments including stretching, icing, injections, NSAIDs, etc., I visited Dr. Hochman and Dr. Dao to give their Shockwave Therapy a go. I felt immediate relief in my foot after the first treatment. The best part was that the relief wasn't temporary."
    Dakota P. {Austin, TX}
  • "This is the third office I have tried to help me with my foot and ankle pain. Finally, I am pain free after 2-3 visits here. They are super nice, and really listened to my issues I was having with my feet. I would highly recommend them."
    Katherine G. {Leander, TX}
  • "Wonderful!!! Dr. Hochman was patient with me, fully explained every step, and answered all my questions. As an athlete, he reassured that I’d be back soon. Most admirable part, willing to work with my other doctor and checked up to see how things were going. It’s a great feeling. It was easy to make an appointment, wonderful receptionist, pristine facility, ample parking, and nice calming atmosphere/environment. I’d recommend them to anyone in a heart beat, student to an adult would be pleased. I truly can’t thank them enough for helping me get back on my feet."
    - Tiffanie M. {Cedar Park, TX}
  • "The experience, service, and professionalism I received was great. They truly care and listened to all of my problems. The doctors are hard working as well as very compassionate. Would highly recommend to anyone with foot and ankle problems to give these guys a try."
    - Deqa S. {Austin, TX}
  • "Wonderful experience. The doctors were very professional, extremely nice and provided excellent patient care. The office is very clean and modern. The location is convenient. We will be coming back here for all our foot care."
    - Gary A. {Leander, TX}
  • "Went in for plantar fasciitis. I liked how easy it was to get in and be seen and the fact that the Dr understood I was not going to quit running. Because I had only partial relief with stretching and injections, I decided to try the shockwave therapy. After only two treatments, I have noticed a huge improvement. The other reason I am recommending them so highly is the amount of time he spent adjusting my existing custom orthotics to get a better fit vs. just trying to get me to buy new ones."
    - Todd M. {Liberty Hill, TX}
  • "We love Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists from the moment you enter their office to meeting with both doctors. It’s delightful! They helped my 6-month-old and me. Both doctors are not only the sweetest people, but also very helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate!"
    - Hilary G. {Leander, TX}
  • "Knowledge was outstanding!"
    - Florentina O. {Round Rock, TX}
  • "I was very impressed on the knowledge I received at Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists for my Achilles tendonitis. I’ve had this issue for about a year. I’m looking forward to my next visit while considering alternative methods instead of undergoing surgery. The office environment is so pleasant (Brenda)! Dr. Dao is an excellent listener and facilitates for my needs. She is so professional and pleasant!"
    - Lillie G. {Austin, TX}
  • "Truly enjoyed my experience at Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists. Such a friendly staff, thorough exam, and immediate help for my foot pain over the last several months. I highly recommend them!"
    - Tami S. {Leander, TX}
  • "Dr. Hochman was very professional. He was very thorough in his explanation and understandable."
    - Allen K. {Leander, TX}
  • "Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists is a very modern practice. I was very impressed with my care from Dr. Dao and will certainly return anytime I need to."
    - Judith B. {Cedar Park, TX}
  • "I had an amazing experience. Everyone was welcoming, patient, and answered all my questions. I would definitely come again and recommend Dr. Dao to anyone else. Best place hands down."
    - Angelita J. {Leander, TX}

Welcome to Our Practice

Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists was founded by Doctors Brian Hochman and Van Dao Hochman, a husband and wife team. As the first podiatric practice in Leander, Texas, we pride ourselves in healing our community through traditional as well as alternative techniques to provide efficient and effective care to our patients.

Our goal is to resolve all of your foot + ankle concerns by any means necessary. We will apply our extensive podiatric training, starting with the most conservative techniques available today. By restoring proper biomechanics to your lower extremity, we hope to keep you active in your favorite activities for many years to come.

Drs. Brian Hochman and Van Dao Hochman are both licensed podiatric physicians (DPM). Their focus is in lower extremity biomechanics, both conservative and surgical techniques, and in the treatment of adults and children alike.

We encourage our patients to be informed about their lower extremity concerns because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well-being. To assist in your education, we have included educational videos which discuss common pathologies which can be found here. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your feet.

In the event that you have any lower extremity concerns, we hope you will come visit us at Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists .  We will work to see you in a timely manner and get you back to your routine as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to request an appointment. We hope you'll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for from a physician.

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Dr. Brian Hochman and Dr. Van Dao Hochman

Dr. Brian Hochman and Dr. Van Dao Hochman are founding partners of Crystal Falls Foot + Ankle Specialists. They strive to provide their community with first-rate solutions to your foot and ankle concerns. 

Learn more about the doctors here.

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